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We serve the food, beverage and hospitality industry; offering styling, photography, design and consulting services

Food Designs is a full service food styling, photography and design agency based in Toronto. We offer our clients a one-stop-shop for all their food marketing and promotional needs. Whether it’s a refresh to your website, new images for your menu, photography of your establishment or staff, promotional videos, or something just for you. Food Designs can help you achieve your food vision.

With over 20 years in the industry, Food Designs is a leader in the field of food and beverage marketing, photography and design services.

Knowledgeable, professional, personable, our business is your image.

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Food Styling | Food Photography

Toronto food styling, food photography, design and marketing services

Typically, a photo shoot requires a stylist, a photographer, someone to art direct and potentially a graphic designer on set. These resources are usually hired separately making it a bit of a logistical undertaking for you as the client. Food Designs is your one-stop-shop for all services relating to the promotion of food, beverage and hospitality marketing.

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food styling

Let Food Designs assist you in finding your food identity. As stylists we can help you achieve the “look” you desire. We work closely with you to sculpt your creations into something even more delicious than they taste.


We love talking about food. Do you need help with food styling, photography, promotional video, design or something more specific just for you? Food Designs is here to assist you achieve your vision.


Let us capture the essence and spirit of your food and restaurant in stunning print quality images. It’s a proven fact that we first eat with our eyes, don’t risk losing customers because of “do-it-yourself” photos.

promotional video

Give your guests a preview of your establishment, introduce your staff, show off your food. Have some fun. Promotional videos are great conversation starters that get people talking and bring you more customers.